We help patients to acquire optimal self-care knowledge and skills

Improving health literacy means increasing patients’ ability to obtain, read, understand and use complex healthcare information to make appropriate health decisions and follow instructions for treatment

What’s the problem with healthcare information?

– difficult to access – uninviting – unreliable – with too many jargon words – unadapted to local culture – without illustrations – unadapted to the audience

– too cluttered and dense – difficult for patients with low general literacy levels – without behavioral change leverages – difficult to read like this text

Adapted medical education is critical to establish proper patient expectations

Patients are likely to stop taking a medication that they expect with a faster beneficial action or with fewer side-effects. Similarly, if patients experience more side-effects and/or slower efficacy, they are likely to discontinue the treatment.

We create culturally relevant, engaging, user friendly and actionable information tools for patients.

Our advantages: a skilled medical writers network, feed-back sessions with patients, knowledge of behavior change techniques, the power of plain text and graphic design.




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  • "I'm feeling better when I'm not on treatment than when I am."

    Sorin, 46 yo, Crohn's disease patient

  • "The side-effects are worse than the disease. We shouldn’t ingest these toxic chemicals."

    Adina, 32 yo, allergic rhinitis patient

  • "If people would simply go vegan, go green, and do yoga, we would have no disease or need for pills in the first place."

    Anca, 32 yo, melanoma patient

  • "Doctors are all just pill-pushers out to make a quick buck of us"

    Dan, 68 yo, heart failure patient

  • "I don't feel any difference on medication.“

    Ela, 45 yo, hep B patient

  • "It's really, really difficult to deal with the side effects."

    Adelina, 52 yo, cancer patient

  • "I have such a messy life...that's why it's so difficult to stick to my medication schedule"

    Dinu, 34 yo, HIV patient

  • My doctor recently prescribed me a new drug. I'm so scared to try it 🙁 I'm so scared of side effects like the ones in the past!

    Alina, 26 yo, epilepsy patient

  • "I don't really understand how and when to take all these pills!"

    Ana, 76 yo, hypertension & dyslipidemia patient

  • "My GP prescribed me drugs for my diabetes. But I don't feel I'm ill...I just feel normal."

    Mihai, 43 yo, diabetes patient

  • "There is no way I could see myself being able to inject a drug deep into my skin!"

    Valentin, 42 yo, psoriasis patient

  • "I'm feeling I'm completely cured. Finally! A life without medicines!“

    Ema, 36 yo, asthma patient