We design and implement services that improve adherence to health related behaviors


are we doing what we are doing

HubCare catalyzes behavior change and optimizes health experiences for patients so that they can fully enjoy what makes them human: family, friends, great and small pleasures of life.


A hub of different kinds of expertise to design outcome-focused solutions


are we doing what we are doing

We understand patients’ perspectives of illness and treatment regimens and the reasons why they may not want or are unable to use them.

We integrate expertise in a consistent way to change behaviors and improve experiences: IT&C, Psychology, Training, Marketing & Communication.

We take each decision and act according to our values.

Our values

  • Be loyal to our customers

  • Be obsessed with customer satisfaction and service

  • Be passionate to pursue performance excellence

  • Be humble, pursue growth and continuous learning

  • Be honest and reliable, never promise what can’t be kept

  • Be creative and open-minded, embrace and drive change

  • Be human, build a positive team and family spirit


A start-up which provides integrated, reliable and focused solutions to help its clients to retain, protect and grow their customer-patient base


we are doing

  • We design and implement multi-channel interventions to educate and motivate patients

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  • We implement adapted training for HCPs that enhance optimal relationships with their patients

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  • We leverage peer-to-peer education

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  • We create highly engaging, accessible educational material for patients

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  • We help our clients to discover and understand patients’ behaviors

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